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Why Leave a Legacy?

In one way or another, your life is rooted in experiences connecting you to Jewish communities. Chances are you already support Jewish charitable organizations, but have you included them in your will or long-term giving plan? Creating your own Jewish legacy empowers you to further the work of your heart and to enjoy the peace of mind that it brings.

You can:

  • Pass on the values instilled in you by your parents and grandparents.
  • Perpetuate the Jewish traditions and values you cherish.
  • Preserve the programs and organizations that support Jewish life in Northeastern New York and overseas.
  • Express your commitment to the Jewish community.

By leaving your legacy gift, you help ensure the values and services of Jewish organizations that you care about will be part of our community long into the future. It’s a meaningful, personal way to honor loved ones and teach your children and grandchildren the value of philanthropy.

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 For more information about LIFE & LEGACY®, contact:

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